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Known Issues for Disney Hidden Worlds

posted this on December 19, 2013 12:49 PM

This document is updated frequently with issues that are under current investigation. 

This is an updated list of issues. Not all issues affect every player. You may see one or none of these issues intermittently.

Click here to see a list of mobile exclusive issues.  

  • Unable to load the game in Russian
  • Energy does not refresh when leveling up, then re-playing a scene. 
  • 40 Star Mastery for Tangled and Beauty and the Beast, may only show you 39 stars. 
  • Chrona's Scene loads one or no items to find.  
  • Chrona's Achievement page does not load / is blank
  • Refresh error when crafting some items at the same time
  • Red box error appears in Aladdin
  • Game loads slowly during tutorial.
  • Items from Aladdin's Night-Mode do not drop


Known Issues:  Mobile Only

  • Imagination Ink does not send
  • Video repeats two or more times
  • Scene "Twisted" does not load
  • Request Button is missing
  • Unable to request items or add friends with Game Center / Play ID (Android | iOS) Work Around:   Log in and out of Game Center / Google Play, then reload game. 
  • Chrona's Achievement page does not load / is blank
  • Unable to sync with, or log out of Facebook within the game
  • Game loads slowly during tutorial.
  • Video scene does not play
  • Status shows you are not logged in, even if you are.


Known Issues: Only

Disney Hidden Worlds is new to  We are still working to bring you all the features for this great game, so you may notice the following temporary issues: 

  • Energy only fills to 45
  • French: Level shows as 0
  • Unable to load friends list: please clear both caches, and try a different browser to see if this resolves the issue
  • Unable to receive some gifts
  • Unable to request Gift Ink 
  • Unable to request or send crafting speedups


This notice is updated daily.

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