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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in Mobile Marvel: Avengers Alliance

posted this on June 14, 2013 11:49 AM

Updated: 13 Jan 2014


1. How do I sync up my Facebook game to my Mobile device?

You cannot! They are separate games, just like Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Facebook and on


2. How do I sync up my game across different devices?? 

For iOS, you may sync up the game across devices. Please visit this article for more information.

However, all game data is saved against the device for the Android version. There is no Facebook Sign in feature. Therefore it is NOT possible to play the same game on different devices at this time. (We are working on the feature)


3. Can I share a device with a friend and have my own game and progress?

Currently, we do not have a Facebook log off button in the game. Therefore it is not possible to share a device at this time. 


4. How many allies do I have? How do I delete an ally?

You can have a maximum of 150 allies. Please visit this page for steps on how to remove an ally. 

5. Can I customize my agent?

The feature is not available at this moment. We will work on the customization feature in the future. We don't have an estimated time on when the feature will become available.

6. Can you sell an item?

This feature is available for the iOS but not yet available on the Android version. 


7. What can I do in the Allies Menu?

Please visit this article: What can I do in the Allies Menu? for more information. 


8. What is the Team Menu?

Please visit this article: What is the Team Menu? for more information. 


9. Where are my received energy from allies? How do I use Energy Refill?

Energy received from allies do not add to your energy bar directly. Instead, they are received as Energy Refills. Energy refills can only be used when you don't have enough energy to start a fight. When you don't have enough energy and are trying to start a fight, the energy refill pop up window will show up where you can use the energy refill units.


10. How do I receive the Chapter Mastery Golden Weapon?

Chapter Mastery Golden Weapons are available for mobile now. Although not showing in the game, you will receive the mastery golden weapon when you receive a 5 star mastery in all 6 missions, including the Premium mission, of a chapter. 


11. Why am I getting 10 Silver gift requests from my Facebook friends?

There are many gifting options on Facebook. But because mobile version of the game is fairly new with only 4 chapters, many of the gifts are converted to 10 Silver if they were sent from Facebook.  


12. How can I do the researches?

Unlike the web version, there is no researches in the mobile application. 


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