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Words of Wonder Glossary

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A-Z tiles

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Any letter or bonus letter on the game board

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Any spot on the game board that can be filled by a tile



Stars are badges you earn, that show off your mastery of a level. Currently, earning 3 stars means you have mastered a level. Try to earn all the stars!

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Bonus Tile

A Bonus Tile is a letter tile with additional special effects. Some of them are earned by making words, and others are available with gold.



Non-letter tile that is removed when words are spelled adjacent to it. Ink spills out of some vials.


Ribbon Tile

A tile that is locked in place by a ribbon. Some tiles are double-ribbon wrapped, and you will need to spell two different words with them, in order to free them.



Quills, also known as feathers, drop down from the top of the board. Often, you will need to knock them down, by spelling words underneath them. You may need to use a line clearing tile to reach tough ones, such as the feathers on level 68.



A square that is filled with bright lava. It eats tiles that sit too long in the square. The lava can be removed by spelling words on top of it.



Ink is a mess created by the wicked creature, X. Ink removed when words are spelled on top of it.

Double-Ink or Dark Ink is a deeper stain, and requires that two different words are spelled on top of it.


Flying Tile

This letter can’t stay put! After every few moves, this letter flies away and lands on a different tile. In order to match that tile, you’ll need to spell a word with the flying letter.


My Profile

The Profile Page shows you interesting statistics about your game, including how many words you've spelled, and more. You can also view your friend's profile pages to see their stats. 



Hints are a new feature that is not yet available to all players. When you have a hint, Watson will show you a word if you seem stuck!



Click the Settings Gear to turn music or sound on and off, or go full screen.


The Back button will ask you if you want to leave your current game, and go back to your map. 


A Staffing map marker shows you that your friends need to help you adventure into the next chapter. Click the staffing icon on the map to bring up a Help Request menu. 

My Profile

Your Profile shows you interesting statistics based on your game! You can also see your friend's stats, by clicking the arrow up at the top of your Profile page. 



Power Tiles


Power Tile

This tile appears:

Effect When Used in a Word

2nd Effect (When Cleared by Other Effects)


2X (Double Word Score)

On the last letter of 4-letter word

Doubles value of word; blows up tiles adjacent to the 2X tile in a cross pattern (the letters above, below, and to the sides)

Blows up adjacent tiles


3X (Triple Word Score) 

Last letter of 5-letter and 8-letter words 

Triples value of word; blows up all tiles adjacent to the 3X tile (the letters immediately above, below, and diagonally adjacent.) 

Blows up adjacent tiles 


Line Clearing Tile

(Row or Column)

Last letter of 6-letter word; 50% chance to be horizontal, and 50% chance to be vertical.

Triples value of word; Clears all tiles in same row/column.

If you see the OR, you can make either tile to meet your goal. 

Activates and clears row OR column


Cross Clearing Tile (Omni-directional)

Last letter of 7-letter word

Triples value of word; Clears all tiles in same row and column 

Activates and clears row and column 

Icon_InkBlotter.png  Ink Blotter  Removes one level of ink from up to 3 tiles. 
Icon_FlyingVowel.png Flying Vowels   All flying letters are now flying vowels. 
Icon_ExplosionRadius.png Improved Explosion Radius   2X and 3X tiles now clear more tiles off the board when they explode.
Icon_Detonator.png Detonator   Activates all special tiles on the board.
Icon_WildCard.png WildCard   The Wildcard counts as any letter; selecting the wildcard in a sting of letters, will turn the wildcard into a letter that completes the word, if any matches are possible. 
Icon_UntieRibbons.png Untie 3 Ribbons   Removes one layer of ribbon from 3 random tiles tied up with ribbons.

Slow Time


 Permanently slows time on all levels - you have more time to complete every timed level.
Icon_VowelsDouble.png Double Vowel Count   See twice as many vowels this level. 
Icon__3.png +3   Adds 3
Icon__2.png +2   Adds 2
Icon_SplitGiantTiles.png Split Giant Tiles
Breaks apart a Giant Tile into 4 letter tiles
Icon_DestroyLava.png Destroy Lava  Clears all Lava off the board.
Icons_FlyingTileFlee.png Knockout Flying Letters  Makes all Flying Letter leave the board.
 rockward.jpg  Rock Ward Removes all Falling Rocks and Falling Rock targets from the board, and prevents more targets from spawning for the next 5 turns. 


Experiment with bonus tiles to discover special combos! Mix and match Line clearing tiles, and multiplier combos for extra tile clearing!


Premium Bonus Tiles (Enchantments)





+3 Moves

If your level has a limited number of moves, this Enchantment will give you three more moves that you can use to beat the level.



The Hammer obliterates a tile, removing any letter tile you target. You can't use a Hammer to remove Double-Ribbon wrapped or Double-Inked tiles. You can use them to remove the last tile beneath feathers, or to clear troublesome Fire and Ink tiles. The Hammer can also smash Vials.  



This Enchantment rearranges all the letters on the board. This is great when you are stuck without any matches, but be careful, all your power tiles will move too!


X3  Cross-Clearing Tile (Omni)

This Bonus Tile turns a letter you choose, into a Cross-Clearing tile that also has a 3X score multiplier! This tile can give you a large amount of points, and clear out hard to reach tiles!



This Enchantment lets you switch the place of two tiles. To use the Swap Enchantment, click the boost icon to select it, then, click a tile you wish to move. Choose another letter on the board that you want to replace it with. This is handy if you need a specific letter in order to spell a word you want!


Slow Time

This Enchantment gives you more time to play your level 


Did You Know..

If you accidentally chose the wrong one, You can deselect a Premium Bonus Tile / Enchantment by clicking the icon again in the menu bar above the game. 








Watson is the name of the young owl that accompanies you on your journey! He offers helpful hints on how to play the game, and helps you find new levels to play!



X is a malicious creature who strives to cover the world in Ink!

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