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Gardens of Time - Time Lab Crafting FAQ

posted this on March 19, 2013 11:55 AM

This FAQ will describe the new terms in the game, and detail how the new Time Lab Works.  


(For updated information on the Time Lab Store, and Time Lab plants, please see the following article:



We Recommend you read the Time Lab Story first, as it can help clarify how the event works. 

For the Time Lab Story, please see:



General Summary of Time Lab Crafting: 

Each Time lab handbook contains several  recipes. By completing a recipe, you can unlock new recipes and earn rare artifacts for your garden.

 As you play through the game, you will find fragments of recipes and items that were lost in Time. Use the recipes you have unlocked to piece together the mystery of the time lab and earn new recipes and items. Since it is suspected that the Time Mechanism was used in the destruction of the original time lab, and the items therein, it is likely that you will find more fragments when you are travelling via the Time Mechanism.


The Elixir of Midas

The Elixir of Midas is a crafted item that is necessary for understanding and unlocking further recipes. This item is crafted with materials you find on your adventures through time with the Time Machine and the Time Mechanism.

 While only one Elixir of Midas is needed to unlock new recipes, the Time Society has an interest in this rare potion. Each potion created by an agent will be analyzed by the Time Society for its effectiveness. Since this is such a rare and sought-after item, the Time Society is giving a hefty reward to the one agent with the most effective Elixir of Midas.

If you have extra materials, you can craft additional Elixirs of Midas. Since the Time Society is only choosing one Elixir of Midas, crafting more Elixirs can mean more opportunities to be chosen.  Extra materials can also be used to craft energy, tokens, and decorations for your garden.



Details of Time Lab Crafting

Repairing pages of the Time Lab Handbook (using Fragments) will award various items, including:

  • Energy
  • Time Crystals
  • Tokens
  • Exclusive Decorations
  • The Time Mechanism (Scene Spinner)


Fragments (Also known as Crafting Materials)

  • Fragments are lost pieces of the handbook pages. They need to be put back together to be deciphered.
  • You can find fragments by playing any scene. 
  • You are likely to find more fragments when you use the Time Mechanism (Scene Spinner).
  • The missing pieces (fragments) of the handbook page cannot be used to repair the other pages that might be found in the future. You do not need to save any extras you have at the end of the challenge.


The Time Mechanism (AKA Scene Spinner)

  • To unlock the Time Mechanism, complete the first few quests of the Time Lab
  • The Time Mechanism will take you to a random scene to play
  • It can be used at any time (even after the event is expired.)
  • The Time Mechanism contains more fragments and exclusive scenes
  • To use the Time Mechanism, you must use 10 energy and also 1 Token.



  • You can create tokens in the Time Lab, by completing the pages.
  • Tokens are also available for purchase, if you don’t want to craft them
  • Any tokens you have created can always be used to operate the scene spinner (even after the event expires).


Exclusive Scenes

  • The Time Mechanism will have some exclusive scenes
  • Some scenes are only unlock-able for a limited time.
  • There is one you can unlock now. If it is not unlocked by the end of the event, it is gone for good!
  • If you unlock it, it will always be available as one of the scenes in the Time Mechanism.



  • The 'Handbook' refers to the inventor’s journal that Quincy found. He needs your help to reconstruct the damaged pages.
  • The pages of the handbook show how to create special items, access exclusive locations; and unlock new technology.
  • The Time Mechanism (Scene Spinner) is a piece of technology that you can create with a handbook.
  • The first Handbook will be available from March 20  to April 19

Handbook Pages

  • Open the Time Lab to see your Handbook Pages. They look like round-ish images with padlocks on them.
  • Completing one page will unlock the next pages to work on. (Or, you can skip ahead with gold)
  • You must CLICK on the Handbook Page that you want to work on. You will see the section on the bottom change to show the whats needed to repair that page. 
  • The image on the Handbook Page gives you a preview of what you will earn when you finish crafting that page. For example, the first handbook gave you Energy, the next to award Time Crystals, and then Tokens respectively. The very last reward is mysterious - it may be the very first Time Garden!



What happens when this crafting event expires? 

  • You will not longer be able to access the recipe page, or craft any items.
  • You will not be able to collect any crafts that are in progress (so finish them up before the expiration!)
  • The crafting materials for this challenge will no longer drop in scenes
  • You WILL be able to use the Time Mechanism (scene spinner) 

Time Lab Tabs


Your Time Mechanism Token Balance


Time Mechanism 


Not Enough Materials to Craft


Your craft's reward


Your Page's progress. (takes several crafts)


A LOCKED page 






The Handbook Pages


The Handbook and Time Lab



Click To Play OR Spin Again for Tokens


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