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posted this on October 10, 2012 09:52 AM


More information on the Vibranium & Adamantium League Power Armor may be found here:


Important Reminders:

  • For those who do not wish to participate in PVP, heros will become available for purchase at a later date
  • Tournaments award prizes for player performance at the END of a season (NOT when you are promoted to a new league)
  • Players MUST maintain their placement until the very end of the tournament to be considered for that leagues prize.
  • More information on PVP League Ranks may be found here
  • More information on the PVP System Changes that were added to the game in August may be found here
  • Players who have been suspended previously from PVP will not be able to particpate in PVP tournaments. More information on PVP Suspensions may be found here

What’s New?

The next update to PvP is here!

  • Tournament seasons should now last approximately one month each
  • Players will be placed in Leagues as they climb the ranks on the leaderboard
  • Rewards! Players will be awarded based on their league level at the end of a season!
  • Every season will have different rewards, so make sure to compete every season!



Just like before, the start of a new season resets everyone’s Rating and placement on the Leaderboards. As players compete, they will be placed in a League. By performing a required number of ranked PVP fights and attaining a high enough Rating, a player can be promoted to higher Leagues. If a player loses Rating or enough players surpass a player’s Rating, it is possible to fall back into a lower League. More information on League Ranks may be found here.




Battle Reports - Tournament History

Battle Reports now has an additional tab unlocked which displays a player’s placement in recent PVP Tournaments. This displays the League they attained and which prizes they received.


 PVP Bonus Items

In order to allow more players to compete in PVP, we have added items that players can acquire for a combination of Silver and S.H.I.E.L.D. Points. These can help bridge the gap between new players and their opponents. In addition, there is now a button to filter PVP items in the Resources page of the store. Fill out your armory and stay on top of the competition!






At the end of each Tournament season, players earn prizes based on which League they are in at the end of the season. Remember it is possible to be demoted. Players must maintain their placement until the very end of the tournament to be considered for that league’s prize. Each League unlocks access to the next tier of prizes as well as awarding all lower tiers of prizes. 


Silver League

All players who participate in at least one Ranked PVP match gain access to the Silver League and qualify for the prize when the Tournament ends. The prize for Silver League is 100,000 Silver.


Gold League

Players who end in at least the Gold League will earn 10 gold!


Diamond League

Players who ascend to the Diamond League will earn an exclusive piece of gear for their Agent.

Vibranium League

Players who manage to place in the Vibranium league at the end of the Season will be rewarded with the ability to research an exclusive Power Armor for their Agents. In addition to a brand new visual effect on this uniform, it grants players unique passive abilities. 

Adamantium League

The dedicated players who manage to finish the season in the Adamantium League will unlock a brand new hero, , for free, and have access to him for a month before he becomes available for purchase by all players.

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Remember, tournament prizes are not awarded until the END of the Tournament. 

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