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How do I redeem a Facebook Gift Card?

posted this on September 27, 2012 09:47 AM

Starting October 1, 2012 players will no longer be able to use Playdom Gift Cards for games played on Facebook. Players can still use Facebook Gift Cards to purchase Facebook Credits and redeem these for in-game currency. 




To redeem Facebook Gift Cards, please visit the following site:

Once you have redeemed the Gift Card for Credits, you can then purchase in-game currency by clicking on the "Purchase" tab in your game. If you have enough available credits, they will display as a payment option for the chosen transaction. 


Redeeming a Facebook Credits Gift Card with Gardens of Time Logo:

If you have this card below, it's the Gardens of Time and Facebook Credits co-branded game card. You have to redeem the card from Facebook site and will receive the bonus item in the game and Facebook Credits. To receive Gold in Gardens of Time, please convert Facebook Credits to Gold in Gardens of Time. Click here for instruction. 


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