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What are the Known Issues for Marvel: Avengers Alliance?

posted this on March 05, 2012 02:22 PM

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Updated as of 4/14/2014


What is a known issue?

A "Known Issue" is a problem that the team is aware of and still working to fix.  If it's listed here, it hasn't been resolved yet and you can help us resolve it by replying to the information requested in the ticket we send you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Issues on this page can only be resolved by Engineering team and not by Support.

What issues are currently under investigation?


If you are experiencing one of the following issues, we are currently looking into the problem and will notify the community via the forums and the support portal with any updates.

Known Issues:

  • Infinite healing/full health restoration on every turn in PvP with Elixer of Recovery/Staff Of Asklepios.
  • Emma Frost not functioning properly since the release of PvP 15.
  • Unable to equip the Virulent Augmented Isotope-8 on Angel's/Pestilence's ability
  • Season 2 Chapter 1 Mission 6 Deadpool and Heroic Battle is glitched 
    • Hero commits suicide and result in battle lost. 
  • Combat Validation Error/Refresh issue when playing PvP and/or Incursion. 
  • Cannot complete hero side quests
    • All hero side quests must be completed in hero's original uniform. Alternative uniforms changes the abilities of the hero.
  • Old Spec Op Quests appeared in the game. 
    --> These old quests will be removed once the current spec op ends. Please do not attempt to complete these old quests. 
  • Post Data Error
  • Issue with upgrading flight deck/jet
  • Missing Spec Op Research items and rewards (please submit a ticket for the issue)
  • Error Loading Battle History. The battles took the place, but the system was unable to load the opponent's profile and therefore display as "Error Loading Battle History" with the correct rating change. This is a display error. 
  • Forced Refresh during game session: This is our top priority to have it resolved.
  • Forced Refresh game client during and or shortly after completing a task, action, etc
    1. Please try collecting Distress Calls from all allies: some players have found that doing so resolves the issue. 
    2. If issue started happening after you equipped an item, please remove that item and try again.
  • Hero Stuck Issues
    1. Stuck in Training: Unable to train hero because hero is stuck in training
    2. Buy Uniform: Unable to train hero because "Start Training" icon shows as "Buy Uniform"
    3. Stuck in Busy State: Heroes stuck in busy state when they are not actually busy (Some players have reported that the information in this article has helped resolve this issue)
  • Marvel XP account registration errors messages. Please click here to learn more.
  • Losing Energy/Progress and or currency when game freezes, crashes, refreshes, etc
  • Unable to progress past the tutorial - green arrow points to Air Traffic Control Mission but users are unable to complete this quest
  • Game Not Loading (Please use our recommended browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and review the information provided here)
  • Game Crashes out due to Flash Player Crash (Ensure your version of Flash is up to date)
  • Cannot accept all gifts/messages (Please visit this article)
  • Shockwave Stops Responding (Please check this article)
  • Cannot accept additional Distress Calls (Please read this article)
  • Not receiving XP for Remote Operations (Please read this article) Issues Only 

  • Playdom Points do not register
  • Unable to access messages or accept gifts
  • Player profile shows level 0: the issue would be resolved if you "share" the level up news when you gain another level in game. 


Additional Information


Dial-Up Users
If you are connecting through AOL, Earthlink, Juno or any other dial-up Internet provider the game may be too large for your connection to handle. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Players Overseas

You may experience long load times or latency issues if you are playing during our peak server times. Please try loading the application at a different time to see if your loading issues improve.


Resolved Issues


  • Infinite Loading
  • "Use 3 Distress Calls" task results in Forced Refreshes
  • No UISO-8 drops from visiting allies
  • Forced Refresh upon defeating Season 2 Chapter 1 Mission 4 Boss/Epic Boss: Vulture and Dr Octopus 
  • Lossing Season 2 Chapter 1 Mastery Rewards (5 Gold and 10 Command Points)
  • Hero skill/passive issues
    • Dr Strange Power of Principalities is not giving Quick Action.
    • Black Widow Widowmaker buff is not working properly.
    • Psylocke Psionic Shadow is not giving Quick Action.
    • Omega Sentinel Scrapper Selene Protocol is not penetrating shield statuses.
    • Nightcrawler Swashbuckler is not causing Hemorrhaging.
  • Omega Sentinel stuck in changing protocols in PvP and therefore causes stalemate. 
  • Tactician Power Armor Eptic Camo is not making attacks Stealthy.
  • Juggernaut Unstoppable Quests not Activating
  • PVP Hangs/Crashes viewing opponent profile
  • Gifting - Not receiving accepted gifts
    Ally/Neighbor bar is missing
  • BP Headhunter damaged lowered
  • Unable to Exit 11-5 
  • Game Freezing in Spec Op 7 during Dr Doom battle
  • Tactician Power Armor's Optic Camo does not make the next attack stealthy
  • Unable to research new Reactive Tier 5 ISO-8
  • Counter Attack Issues: some weapons (Blade of the Guardian, Fury, the Knight) and heroes (Human Torch and Quick Silver) do not counter-attack
  • Cannot do Iso-8 Research
  • Issues with Cable
      1. PvP Battle gets stuck if Invisible Woman uses Force Cage on Cable
      2. Cable attacks himself when "Coordinated Attack" is active from Coulson's Revenge
      3. Cable attacks himself when Psylocke uses "Mental Coordination"
      4. Dr Doom cannot be debuffed.
      5. War Never Changes not working (Dr Doom and Ares)
      6. Iron Fist creates battle stalemate when stunned. 
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