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How do I edit my Avatar on

posted this on January 17, 2012 01:45 PM

Changing your Avatar

Follow these simple steps to update your avatar for!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: The funds to pay for Avatar items are paid for by your Gardens of Time gold. You may only use Gardens of Time gold to purchase gold items from the avatar shop. 

  • Log into with your account
  • Click the downward facing arrow next to your avatar from the naviagtion bar and click 'Dress Avatar'


  • This will open the Avatar Editing window 
  • Clicking the Shop tab will let you browse through Accessories and Clothing that is available for purchase


  • Clicking the Wardrobe tab will let you browse through items you already own and select new items for your avatar to wear.


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Items you have purchased will be added to your wardrobe - you will still need to go put them on via your wardrobe. Also, you must click the save button to save any avatar changes you have made. 



Additional Information:


How can I get a male avatar?

To dress up a male avatar you'll need to first change your gender on the Settings page. Please note though that at this time the option to purchase and change clothes is only available with a female avatar.

Do I have to use Gardens of Time gold to buy items?

While the avatar feature is in beta, the gold you use to purchase items will be the same gold you have in the Gardens of Time game on So if you have 10 gold in Gardens of Time and then buy a dress for 7 gold, you'll then have 3 gold the next time you open up Gardens of Time. 

How do I buy items with Playdom Points?

Some items in the Shop may be purchased with Playdom Points. At the top of the Shop you'll see the amount of Playdom Points you have available to spend. Clicking the buy button will deduct the amount from this total.

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