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What are the most frequently asked questions in Gardens of Time Mobile?

posted this on December 06, 2011 05:24 PM

How do I convert Silver to Gold?

At this time there is no way to convert Silver into Gold, and it is not likely that this ability will be added. Please note that Gold is the primary means for generating the money required to keep the game up and running, so it is important to keep the current methods of obtaining gold.


How do I get more Gold?

All players will receive Gold for gaining levels. This is the only time when Gold will be given to players while playing. The only other methods for obtaining Gold can be found on the Get Gold tab and include Surveys, Offers and Direct Payments, in addition to the other options listed.

***IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING GOLD: There is currently a site linked to from Facebook that is advertising over 200 free gold for completing a few quick steps. This site is a scam and no players will actually receive the gold promised. We are working right now to have this site taken down and the posts removed from our page. Please do not add anything or click on any links from that site, as it may result in harm for your computer.***


Why do I need Silver & Neighbors to Expand?

When you are expanding your Garden, the game will require you to pay either Silver or Gold. If you expand with Gold, you will not need to meet any other requirements. If you expand with Silver, however, you will also need to have a certain number of Neighbors. These requirements may not be shown to you if you already have the required number of neighbors, so you may only see the requirement listed after you have already added a few expansions to your garden.


Where is the item the game is telling me to build (Pavilion, Bandstand, etc.)?

When the game instructs you to build an item, the first place to check is in the Build Menu, which can be accessed through the tab at the bottom left side of the game screen. There a few types of items that you can build, with the most commonly requested items, like the Pavilion, Bandstand and Fire Brassier, being found in the Buildings or Artifacts sections. 


Why are items I already have in my garden not counting toward a Quest?

Some Quests in Gardens of Time will count items you have already placed toward the goal, but others will not. Please make sure to check the exact wording of the Quest, which will tell you to 'Have' or 'Place' items in your Garden. This is an important distinction and one that often confuses players. For more information, please visit this article


How do I start the game over?

Unfortunately there is no way to completely start over from scratch in Gardens of Time. You can store all of your items from the garden to rearrange the entire garden, but there is no way to reset all of the storyline scenes or quests.


Why won't the game load and what should I do now?

If for any reason you experience any loading issues with the game, please close the game and reload. If you continue to experience problems, and Playdom has not indicated through our channels that there is a problem with the game, please contact support by following THESE STEPS.


How do you get more Neighbors if Friends won't accept?

If you are looking for new Friends to add as Neighbors, feel free to check out THIS SECTION of our Official Forums which has many other Gardens of Time players looking for Neighbors.

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