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How do I make purchases with Facebook credits?

posted this on February 25, 2010 03:55 PM

As you're playing your favorite Playdom games on Facebook, you can now user Facebook credits to purchase Gems, Gold, Treats, and other game currencies in select Playdom games.  Here's how:

1. Click on the tab/button where you would normally purchase game currency.  Here, in Wild Ones, you would click on the "Get Treats" button (shown below).



2. Next, select the amount you want to purchase and how you would like to pay.  I chose 85 Treats fo $19.99 and I'm going to pay with Facebook.   Then click the "Buy" button.



3. A confirmation page should show up.  If you don't have Facebook credits in your account already, you will need to purchase Facebook credits.  If you already have Facebook credits in your account, you can skip the credit card input step.  Select how you want to pay, the Facebok credit amount you need to purchase and hit continue.



4. If you need to pay for Facebook credits, this form will pop up.  Put in your payment information and then hit "Complete purchase."  If you already have credits, skip to step 5.



5. Once the purchase is done, you will see that the figure updated in your account (see below).



Quick troubleshooting:

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